NHS IT system failure will cost £7m

20th September 2018

The failed data system which compromised communication between hospitals and GPs will cost £7m to fix, according to IT Pro The government has confirmed that the issue which saw around 14,600 patient discharge summaries mistakenly not being [read more]

GP services in Banbury set to evolve

19th September 2018

GP services in Banbury are set to be overhauled, both with a merger and the first steps towards video appointments The Banbury Guardian has reported that major changes are afoot in the region, with surgeries merging and [read more]

NHS workers disciplined for social media use

19th September 2018

The use of social media in sharing patient information has come under fire, with well over a thousand members of NHS staff being disciplined for inappropriate use of these platforms – and messengers – over five [read more]

Spire blames NHS cutbacks for drop in profits

19th September 2018

Spire has reported a steep drop in profits, and is blaming government cutbacks in the NHS for the problem, according to the Evening Standard Spire Healthcare is blaming the NHS for its recent poor financial performance. The FTSE 250 [read more]

Call to end bullying of healthcare workers

19th September 2018

The British Medical Association has launched a campaign against bullying of healthcare staff in the workplace Workplace bullying is an ongoing problem, and we already know that the mental health of doctors and other healthcare professionals has been long [read more]

Data management; a connected patient record

18th September 2018

The NHS in England is making steady progress towards a digital-first service – a connected service where patient information is shared securely with healthcare professionals, across multiple settings, to support better care. A collaboration of [read more]

GPs to trial Now Healthcare platform

18th September 2018

The Now GP video consultation platform will soon be trialed by a number of practices across the country Digital Health has reported that some practices in England are set to begin trialing the Now Healthcare video consultation platform, Now [read more]

‘Aspirin-a-day risky in old age’

17th September 2018

According to a major study in the US and Australia, elderly people in good health should not take an aspirin a day, the BBC reports There are proven benefits of the drug for people after a [read more]

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